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You Are The Labyrinth GMTK Game Jam 2023

I made art for a 48hr game jam over the weekend! I joined the team a day late so this was all done in one day!

You are the Labyrinth is a deckbuilding game where your goal is to strengthen the Minotaur by defeating enough of the heroes that wander into the Labyrinth. Only so many heroes enter each level of the Labyrinth, so if too many fall to your traps or find an exit, your Minotaur will not be strong enough to move to the next level, and the current level will restart.

The Minotaur can also be slain by the heroes, so as Daedalus, you must move the walls of your Labyrinth and invoke the will of Poseidon to keep the beast safe while vanquishing the minions of King Minos. After completing each level, you will add new cards to your Labyrinth deck.

Play it here: